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The model in the controversial “photoshopped” swimsuit ad came to prove us all wrong. Boy, were we wrong. 

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Advertisers Should Hop On The Second Screen Bandwagon

For many, advertisements before videos are 30 seconds of branded agony. When all you want is the sweet satisfaction of the newest Jenna Marbles video, those ads had better be great. Wheat Thins got it right with the latest iteration of their Spicy Buffalo spot. This funny video ad features icons on the bottom right corner of the screen that each link to their respective social platforms.

Wheat ThinsI came across this ad on a TV network’s website while watching an episode clip. The ad is clickable, but links to Wheat Thins’ Twitter account while most banner ads or video ads link to a brand’s main website. Wheat Thins demonstrated that they know their target audience – millennials – and where they will be consuming content and how they want to interact with a brand. Ads that only link to websites are a waste from both a business perspective and user experience. If I accidentally click on it, I quickly leave the site, driving up the bounce rate. As a user, I am much more likely to seek out the brand’s Twitter account if I have questions, their Facebook page if I want to interact with them, or their YouTube channel or Vine account if I love their video content or brand voice. 

The lines between TV, social media, and advertising have become extremely blurry. A whopping 72% of people use mobile devices for video viewing and 75% of people use mobile devices while watching TV. Studies also show that some people aren’t watching TV in the traditional way at all, with 34% of millennials watching mostly online video and no broadcast TV.

Television shows have embraced this shift in attention, while many television advertisers have not.

The integration of social into TV and media has a direct impact on marketing and advertising. With more viewers using social and digital for an enhanced TV experience, custom online and second screen content needs to be a priority for advertisers. Television ads or video ads should have a social component or social call-to-action that can get fans involved. This is especially true for live television programming like sporting events and award shows. During live TV events, fans feel even more inclined to engage in real time with other fans and to avoid spoilers later. Wheat Thins’ social channel links on their video advertisement allow the viewer to easily continue the conversation online after the ad is over.

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” is a great example of a show that has strategically increased its emphasis to a digital audience. While NBC expects Fallon’s ratings to be below that of predecessor Jay Leno, Fallon’s content is much more digital and social, and therefore more appealing to the desirable and hard-to-reach millennial audience. Clips from Fallon’s episodes become viral regularly, in turn not only promoting the show but also attracting advertisers.

Jimmy Fallon Tweet

While traditional television ads are not going anywhere anytime soon, it is imperative that advertisers keep up with the shift toward second screen viewing and social media interaction. Be on the lookout for a pop-up on your iPad that drives you directly to the product being advertised on your TV, or mobile apps that can scan ads in magazines and locate the closest store with the item in stock.

In the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be live-tweeting commercials.

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In Entertainment, The Talent Is Your Most Valuable Asset

With the speed and ease at which people can track and contribute to conversation around a topic, it’s only natural that the Internet would explode when a 19-year old pop culture icon gets arrested. Like with Miley Cyrus’ incessant twerking or Richard Sherman’s self-serving post-game rant, Justin Bieber’s story spread like digital wildfire, and social media erupted with memes, parodies, and candid opinions around the superstar.


Courtesy of Twittercounter.com

We’ve become fairly voyeuristic as a society with the rise of reality TV shows and our increasing obsession with celebrity selfies. Just look at the most popular Twitter accounts: eight out of the top 10 with the most followers are people – not brands, companies, or even media outlets. The top Facebook fan pages can say the same. It is becoming increasingly evident that most people are naturally more interested in personalities than brands.

The social space is cluttered with brands trying to shine through with compelling promotional content. The entertainment industry is unique in that, at its core, it is driven by memorable personalities that people want to know better. Entertainment brands should take advantage of this uncommon trait and leverage their talent for social content, instead of just solely pushing out promotional content like everyone else.

Entertainment brands could do a much better job leveraging their celebrity talent and show their personal and human side. Most brands under-utilize the content already living inside their main character’s own iPhone which often shows us that they are real people with interesting lives, even when the cameras aren’t rolling.  It is, after all, the year of the selfie, so show us some real selfies! Did your star decorate their house for the holidays? Let’s see it! Did they pose in front of their favorite local boutique? Please share! Got a new dance move? We’re ready to learn! Engagement, relevance, timeliness, and fun are what you get when you give us a peek behind the curtain.

Entertainment brands have a leg up over other kinds of brands and can shine through the crowded social space. Give the people what they want: twerking.

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and what will you be having?

and what will you be having?

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Private beach ☀️ #Bermuda

Private beach ☀️ #Bermuda

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#Rainbows over Cape Cod. #latergram #rainbowgram  (at Hyannis Main Street)

#Rainbows over Cape Cod. #latergram #rainbowgram (at Hyannis Main Street)

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I want to thank the good lord for making me a Yankee.” -Joe DiMaggio  (at Yankee Stadium)

I want to thank the good lord for making me a Yankee.” -Joe DiMaggio (at Yankee Stadium)

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#TheKillers say hi. #barclays #brooklyn

#TheKillers say hi. #barclays #brooklyn

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